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Thread: jvectormap onclick event

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    jvectormap onclick event

    Hi! I need a little help. I must create a project at school where I use jvectormap of a country and when I click on an region, I want to open a stylish pop-up window with jquery. I have the code to that plugin but I don't figure out how to insert it into the jvectormap code. First time I was opening a new browser popup window but I want something more interesting, more attractive.

    Here's the plugin example that I want to use http://webdesigntutsplus.s3.amazonaw...ce/index.html# but instead of "Click Me" button I want to be the map.

    I attached the plugin and the jvectormap you can find here: http://jvectormap.com/download/

    Can you help me please?



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    I see in the regions selection example on the examples pages of jvectormap that the map has a click listener - I guess it would be a matter of using that listener on the map rather than on the button like in the modal window demo, putting the appropriate content into the modal window and opening it up.

    can you post your code so far? I don't like downloading zips

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