I 've been looking over internet for the past 5hours about a script (php) that could do this:
If a user refresh the page more than 10 times for 5 seconds
(so 0,5 seconds time for a normal query,which is normal if u are browsing through simple gallery ,and not some long texts)
it should display a message "Warning you have made too many request for small amount of time,please wait a second and refresh the page"

The old script that I was using similary thing,but did only counted the seconds and it was like
if u make 2 queries for 1 second (for example browsing through pages) i will get this error message,which is really irritating,that's why i am looking for a better solution.

I am not sure If i have to post my thread here or in some other part of the forum,but I hope that you will understand my problem and help me anyway.
Thanks for your time!