Tips to reduce Bounce Rate:

1. Provide Relevant Content : It is no-brainer for us to provide relevant page content to our audience. But sometimes we donít know how to do so. Knowing our visitors is one thing, optimizing our pages for them is another. Relevant content can be described as writing good content that is easy to understand (minimize introduction of unnecessary technical term or connect using the language they speak).

2. Provide Enough Content:Letís make sure we provide enough information to our visitors. That can be in a form of photos, videos, related links and of course enough copy.

3. Update Content Regularly: One of the reasons visitors leave a landing page is that the information presented there is inaccurate, irrelevant or outdated.

4. Make Our Content Readable: Having good amount of content is sometimes not enough. There needs to be a proper placement of bold text, bullet points or italics or maybe division of content into shorter, digestible portions. It is important to note that visitors donít immediately read content, they quickly scan it, hoping to find clues whether the article is interesting or not.