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Thread: Should i use .dat or Mysql

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    Should i use .dat or Mysql

    Im just starting/learning to build a php based RPG game.

    i have a model game that im looking at.

    and they dont use Mysql at all.

    all the account info. and etc etc are stored in .dat files.

    im wondering. should i follow what they did there and just store stuff on the .dat file

    or should i use Mysql to store info.

    what would be a a better way to deal with 100+ user game (just an example)?

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    If it's data you expect to change relatively often, that you'll want to do searches and sorts on, and/or which may grow a lot in the future, then I would recommend a database solution. Whether you want to use MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, or some other DBMS is another question (and harder to answer ).
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    i see. thanks for answering

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