I have a image image carousel with next and prev buttons and also text/links that goes along with the images being shown. How can i get the text to be red when the image related to the text is shown?

Here's some code from my page that's relevant to the problem.

			if(jQuery("#gallery").position().left < 0 && !jQuery("#gallery").is(":animated")){
				jQuery("#gallery").animate({left : "+=" + imageWidth + "px"});
			return false;
			if(jQuery("#gallery").position().left > stopPosition && !jQuery("#gallery").is(":animated"))
				jQuery("#gallery").animate({left : "-=" + imageWidth + "px"});
			return false;

HTML Code:
<div id="gallery-controls">
         <a href="#" id="gallery-prev"><img src="MAIN_IMAGES/left.png" alt="" /></a>
         <a href="#" id="gallery-next"><img src="MAIN_IMAGES/right.png" alt="" /></a></div>
   <div id='navbot'> 
   <a href="#">PROFORMANCE</a>
    <a href="#">&nbsp&nbsp&nbspSPORTSWEAR</a>         

        <div id ='navbotimg'>
        <img src="MAIN_IMAGES/red_line.png" width="8" height="60"> </div> 

        <div id ='navbot2'>
            <a class="ex1" href="#">ZOOM FORCE I BOOT ///</a>            
		  <a class="ex1" href="#">MERCURIAL SUPERFLY ///</a> 
		  <a class="ex1" href="#">AIRMAX MOTO BOOT ///</a> 
		  <a class="ex1" href="#">JOAKIM NOAH ///</a> 
          <a class="ex1" href="#">DUNK GYRIZO</a> 			      

        <div id ='navbot3'>
          	<ul id="mail1">  
          <a class="ex1 various" href="NIKE_AIRMAX_90.html">AIRMAX 90 ///</a>            
		  <a class="ex1 various" href="sub_page_org.html" href="#">ORIGINALS ///</a> 
		  <a class="ex1 various" href="SUB_PAGE_CORTEZ_FLYMOTION.html" >CORTEZ FLY MOION ///</a> 
		  <a class="ex1 various" href="SUB-PAGE-ARTHUR_ASH.html">ARTHUR ASHE ///</a> 
          <a class="ex1 various" href="SUB_PAGE_STUSSY_DUNK_TRAINER.html">STUSSY DUNK TRAINER ///</a> 
          <a class="ex1 various"href="SUB_PAGE_AIR_MAX_1.html">AIR MAX I MAXIM</a>            
             <li><a class="mail1" href="mailto:info@ernsteverything.com">INFO@ERNSTEVERYTHING</a></li>    
          	<div align="left"></div>