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Thread: [RESOLVED] Made an image preload function, sometimes it doesn't work

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Made an image preload function, sometimes it doesn't work

    So I am working on building a site for my friend, and when I started working on it, I cam across a roadbump on the JS-enabled site -- I made it so it would show a loading screen for the website so it will preload some images (say, like, buttons, logo(s), etc), and when you type in localhost (it runs on my local server) without a hash, it works just fine, and when you reload the page when it DOES have a hash (part of the feature, when you reload a page with a hash, it will read the hash, and show you the content related to the hash (say #main will show you the main page)

    I really can't pinpoint it, so I will dump the entire website JS file, and see if you can find anything that I am doing wrong.
    Here are a few screenshots of what happens:

    The site when loaded without a hash suffix (note that the hash automatically is placed on load)-
    The site when reloaded or loaded WITH a hash suffix-

    And here is the main.js file and a couple of HTML files for your reference to know what the document.getElementById is doing

    the main.js, the content/initMain.html and the index.html files -

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    Quick edit:
    I noticed that the screenshots don't show the address -
    the first one without the hash suffix is simply localhost (and on load, it turns into localhost/#main), while the one WITH the hash suffix is localhost/#main

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    Fixed: Basically, on the image preload array, I had images/bg.jpg, which is the background, and at the same time, I had images/bg.jpg for the background in CSS, so in essence, I was sending the request twice.
    I just removed the images/bg.jpg from the CSS background section, and it started working again.

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