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Thread: Adding image portfolios but getting "Undefined" in result.

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    Adding image portfolios but getting "Undefined" in result.

    I had a developer put this simple site together. But he has moved on. The client now wants to add two more galleries to the site. I edited the code in every place that made sense, but no go. Jpgs have been uploaded to the correct folders. I am a javascript copy and paster, not a true JS developer by any stretch. Thanks for your help and patience!
    Try the 5th and 6th portfolios as represented by small white boxes on the upper right and see how it says "Undefined"

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    From what I'm looking at, it seems like it's not finding the right thing, it does a GET to conniehayes.com/undefined, which (duh) is not supposed to do. I'm going to look at it a little bit further, see what exactly is going on.

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