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Thread: Review my technology and entertainment blog PR2

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    Review my technology and entertainment blog PR2

    hi all experts, please review technology and entertainment blog having great article and resource on

    1. IT News updates
    2. Websites & Internet
    3. Youth Corner
    4. Eudcation
    5. Blogging How to (wordpress themes and guide plus bloger)
    6. Software Downloads
    7. IT Portal
    8. GSM Mobile Portal, mobile reviews, mobile prices, tips and tricks
    9. Food and life
    10. Hardware Tips and tricks and much more...
    please check out http://www.apnajahanian.com

    I will wait for your great tips to make it more better for visitors.

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    It's far to busy for my eyes. You have to many different areas of interest to go to. When someone goes on a website they need to be able to automatically associate what you trying to tell.


    BBC News - News Website
    WebDeveloper - Web Development Help
    Ebay - Selling Goods

    I go on your site and get this.

    apnajahanian - News, Website, Educational, Blogging, Software Downloads, Mobile, Food & Hardware.

    The best websites take one subject and excel in that subject.

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    Thanks all of your feedback friends, I made many big changes in it, please check out and I shall be really thankful to you if you give me more feedback and guideline. i hope you will be happy that I made changes that you people said to me.

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    Where is h1? Logo should be clickable h1 linking to main page ('Home' link in top nav is unnecessary).

    When I use TAB key I can't see which link/button is active (has focus). Your website is totally unusable for people using TAB key for itarating through links/buttons. You should set :focus style for these elements (it can be the same style that you use for :hover).

    Your footer's width is 1060px. On my 1024x768px monitor horizontal scrollbar appears! 1024x768px monitors are still quite popular. I think websites should be designed for this resolutions or should be responsive. Vertical scrollbar is OK. Horizontal scrollbar is BAD

    Why don't you use page paginator? There are WP plugins for paginating. Paginator is more usable and looks more proffesional than 'Previous Page' and 'Next Page' links.

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