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Thread: Filemaker php interface vs converting the database to MySQL:

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    Filemaker php interface vs converting the database to MySQL:

    My client has a Filemaker database that contains over 15000 records that he set up. He has spent some time trying to build a php interface. He would like me to use the Filemaker php interface to build a website. I've been doing websites for a few years now, I know HTML,CSS, PHP and I could convert the whole thing to MySQL. But then I'd have to do the data conversion and wondering if I'm making more work for myself.

    I don't know much about Filemaker and I'm wondering what the overall opinion of Filemaker is? Has anyone
    tried doing this and how easy is it to use PHP to get FileMaker data? Is it equivalent just making function calls in MySQL? Or should we just convert the whole system to MySQL?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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