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Thread: .htacces - Mod_Rewrite

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    .htacces - Mod_Rewrite

    Hi guyz.I have a big problem.I use mod_rewrite for my site url's ,but i got a problem with mod_rewrite + my pagination.

    my links are : localhost/new(i read news with this)/264(id of news)/2(number of page).

    everything is okay when i didn't chose a page yet,but when i come to page 2 (example) and i want to go to another page my urls are going crazy. localhost/new/264/2(my current page)/5(page when i want to go)

    should be localhost/new/264/5 (only page when i chose.)

    pls guyz.if someone know how to fix this problem just write a comment.i'm trying to fix it all day

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    Couldn't give many suggestions without seeing your existing mod_rewrite rules or some php codes (or even more likely, a combination of the 2).

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