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Thread: Help me Experts please

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    Help me Experts please

    How i can Post New Thread system in My website ? I have a Pictures website and i want post daily pictures. Please help me how i can upload pictures and some text with simple posting system. Plz..... If you have any online system please tell me.......

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    So if I understand correctly here, you want a script or code of some kind where you can post daily pictures daily?

    Questions for you.

    1)Where is this going to show?
    2)How is this going to show?
    3)Do you mean a gallary?
    4)Do you already have some kind of CMS or are you working from scratch?
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    I didn't understand what exactly you want to ask.....

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    Thread terminology is popular with forum, do you want to create some thing similar associated with images. You may get many scripts for it through stackoverflow and similar sites
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