Hi, so since two days I have a problem with my select field.

I have two values I want to use from this input, if it was possible, I would like to do this :

<SELECT NAME="flats">
<OPTION VALUE="74" value="1"> One
<OPTION VALUE="106" value="2"> Two
<OPTION VALUE="141" value="3"> Three

i have tryed to do things like this :

<OPTION VALUE="4" id="four"> four

but when I try to get the value from $data = document.form.selectfield.id;
It does not work, the syntax seems to be incorrect.

I have tried to do an onclick to set the value on an hidden field like this :

<OPTION VALUE="42" onclick = "document.form.hidden5.value = 7;"> five

But onclick does not work on select fields :/

So, what is my goal ?
I have on my site a list (so a select field) of sizes of flat (1 room to 10 rooms), each line does have a value i need for some maths, but I need to save which choice the
user done (because some rooms have the same value)

I would be really grateful if someone can helps me :')