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Thread: show uploaded content from users

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    show uploaded content from users

    I'm very new to php, so please be gentle

    I have users who log in, and now I want to show all of the users on a particular page. Each user shown would then be clicked on and up would pop all of their content that they have uploaded to a table in my database.

    The table in question is named 'Story', and the two fields I want echoed are 'title' and 'story'.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Hope my explanation makes sense.


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    Are you just asking how to display the uploads data from the table? There is a class which will allow you to do this in a couple lines of code, and generate the table for you HERE.

    If you look in the documentation at example 10, this will demonstrate how to select from a database and return the results in a table....don't be thrown off by all the optional statements, they are just demonstrating advanced features.

    The only thing you really need to know is the query:
    "SELECT title,story FROM Story WHERE userID=''" (This is just a demo, i'm assuming there is a field in the table for the users id)
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