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Thread: simple jquery hover issue

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    simple jquery hover issue

    Hello all!

    I need to 'kill' a hover in jquery to make my menu PERFECT!

    Please view http://www.siphon-marketing.com/unifirst/V4/level2.html and click around the menu on the left.

    You'll notice when a section is active I'm still getting the hover state with the 'plus' icon. I need this to stay with the 'minus' icon when it's open.

    I've tried everything but just can't get the syntax right! I simply just need to kill the hover on an active, expanded, section.

    Please help!

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    You have this line of CSS:

    .submenu_head:hover {background:#e6ead1 url(../images/collapsed_yellow.gif) center left no-repeat !important;}
    That says, when you hover the list, make the image the collapsed_yellow.gif (the plus sign). Change this to expanded_yellow.gif.
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