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Thread: The video is in process/downloading script

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    The video is in process/downloading script

    I upload the video , I added the script into the html file.
    The problem the video is big, so it takes some time to start playing, what shall I add into the html body to notify the audience that the video in downloading .
    Is there any script to add like in process or sthg ?
    Please help,
    thank you in advance

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    So are you wanted the viewer to just download the video or do you want the viewer to watch the video? The process (scripting) for each is different.
    If you want the let the viewer watch the video, then the video file should be "progressively downloaded".
    For video files that are being progressively downloaded, the size of the video file is really not a factor, since the video will start to display only a few moments after clicking the "Play" button. Then the rest of the video file (no matter how large the file) downloads as the viewer is watching the video. Internet connection speed is the limiting factor then. Depending on the "bitrate" of the video, the video will download as fast as the Internet connection speed will allow.
    If your video does not progressive download but must be downloaded entirely before the viewer can watch it, there may be a problem with the MOOV Atom or index which places the file size information at the very end of the video file rather than at the very front of the file (so it can be progressively downloaded).
    More info here:
    You can fix MOOV Atom problems with this little program:
    Run your video through this program and then upload. The video should then start to play without downloading the entire thing. Of course you will need a video player on the page, something like this:
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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    How do I transcript my video files?

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