Sorry if the title doesn't make sense or if I posted in the wrong category, allow me to explain. I have a fantasy football league with Each team in the league has to login to to check stats for how their team is doing for the week. I have 14 teams in my league and I have created my own website so we can have some of our own updates and headlines at I have given each team their own page as well. So far I have been adding new information and stats in manually for each team as far team record, next opponent and new schedules, for 14 teams this can be time consuming. I want to know if there is a way I can have stats from automatically update on my website.

Here is a link to the stats that ESPN gives you without having to login:

The left side is for NFL games, the right side is for games in our league. I have this as a frame on one of my pages: On the right side you have some links at the top: Matchup>Teams>League Scoreboard. If you hoover over Teams and just click on any team you will see stats for the week. I want to know how I can have these stats populate on the team pages and automatically update like they do here on the ESPN page.

and here is the mobile version of the ESPN stats page:

I know this sounds like a lot but maybe someone is familiar with this, thanks alot.