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Thread: Table height breaks out of containing div in IE

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    Table height breaks out of containing div in IE

    Hi all,

    I have a page with a div set for 100% height. Inside that div is a table. I want to have that table expand to fill 100% of the containing div's height. I therefore set the table's height to be 100% as well. (Same for widths, but that doesn't seem to be a problem)

    Looks great in FF. Not so much in IE ... :P

    In IE, the table wants to overflow the div and this causes (unneeded/unwanted) scrollbars to appear on the div.

    Unfortunately, I cannot link to the page in question as it is a client page.

    Hopefully, this issue is generic enough that there are solutions already known to others.


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    Here's an example of the scenario you described. Seems to stretch fine in IE8:
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