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Thread: working with pdf question

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    working with pdf question

    right so I have this script that converts pdf files to jpg. Some pdf don't work and I found out that if I simply merge and split them again online that they will work afterwards. So what I am looking for is a way that lets me create a pdf document, import an exisiting pdf and then save it as a new pdf.

    does anyone have any code for this?

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    Not I: I avoid PDF's like the plague (great for printing, lousy for information exchange across the web).
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    Im working with a couple of pdf classes now...what a pain. They dont support importing of pdf. But I believe the Scribus project offers monster PDF support, and pretty open scripting capabilities...maybe there is something there that will help with some clever shell scripting?
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    Hold the phone, i was just looking for more libs and came across this...looks like it should do what you want.FPDI
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    Smile Pdf2ps2pdf

    If that doesn't work, you might also want to try converting from PDF to Postscript and back to PDF (or just make your JPG from the PS file directly.

    If you don't have the packages installed already, use (for RedHat/CentOS):
    $ yum install xpdf-utils
    $ yum install ghostscript

    Then run this
    $ pdftops source.pdf convert.ps
    $ ps2pdf convert.ps newfile.pdf


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    Yes, here is the sample methods for creating pdf document within vb.net application. But I haven't met such problem, that only having merged and splitted the pdf document, can we convert pdf to jpeg image.

    Private Sub New(pageNum As Integer)
    End Sub

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    Write the document. Use Microsoft Word to write whatever document you'd eventually convert to a PDF. If you've already completed the document you'd like to convert, just open the document.

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