Hi folks,

Spent numerous hours on this issue yesterday and still don't have a conclusive outcome.

Basically, I am adding like/tweet buttons to our columnist's articles, which seemed like a straighforward venture at the time. However, yesterday, I was having great difficulty in displaying both Facebook and Twitter icons, as the Twitter icon kept on cutting off on the right (only displaying the tweet logo and part of the word "tweet").

I tried numerous CSS approaches, but padding, alignment adjustments etc, didn't clear up the issue. So .... I changed the tweet coding (style/icon) on another columnist, which solved the problem (showing the large count above the tweet button). To complicate matters even further, I returned to the initial coding which caused the cut off problem this morning, to find that it's now displaying the "tweet" button without cutting off???

Does this sound like a familiar story to anyone? ... as I don't know whether to change all styles for Twitter to the large count above the tweet button, or to trust that the simple tweet only icon will sort itself out, if I decide to code all columnists pages with this approach.

Thanks in advance for any insight into this niggling issue.

Kind Regards,