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Thread: is wordpress worth it? is there something better

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    is wordpress worth it? is there something better

    Hey everyone,
    Ive been working in web development for a few years now, full-time in a team, aswell as solo freelance. but Ive always just built my sites from the ground up.. writing all the html css php mysql myself.
    But im now realising that the way im doing things doesnt get me the best seo, it doesnt go across different platforms well, and it takes FOREVER!!!
    so Ive been looking into wordpress, made a few test sites.. but It seems very complicated to customize properly. like sure its easy to change the style a bit, hide or show some features etc.. but actually getting the site to function and look like the design ive drawn out for a client is BEYOND ME!!
    should i just continue doing things the way im doing them? or dive head first into wordpress and start developping themes and plugins to get the looks and functionalities i need.
    i want wordpress for its SEO, security, and easy admin management.. and because its so quick and simple to whip together a new site..(if you know how! which i dont really)
    Or perhaps is there a better cms/web framework for me? coz i dont really need the blog features of wordpress at all..
    Thanks so much

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    The problem is you should have time to influent WordPress. I recommend you to use premium WordPress themes so you can see how powerful they are.

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    I was never a wordpress fan myself. Because so many apps and add ons are developed by third party developers there's always an issue here or an issue there. There is no synchronicity as how would it be
    possible with so many contributers. I tried a fairly new one a friend of mine linked me and have never looked back. Offers a complete website or blog builder with free themes. Best thing. Single Party developing so no issues with apps.
    Hope that helps you out some even if it is three months later

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    Try joomla. It has really nice plugins and themes.

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    I am currently a huge fan of http://www.wix.com/
    For smaller websites it is the fastest tool i know.

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    I currently maintain some Joomla sites - good cms.

    Also have recently built several Wordpress sites. - Themeforest and elegantthemes put out some awesome progressive themes (mobile ready) that don't look like wordpress. In addition there are thousands of free plugins, and support is great.
    The new WP 3.5.1 has a much improved media control panel.

    I also like ModX, very easy to learn. But one negative, little plugins and the few they have are very expensive. Also support is lacking.

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    Did you try using a php framework? It takes some time to learn it, but it will make more easy to create your site. You have many bundles (like plugins) that will facilitate your job.

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    If you want to go with customization go with drupal there are nice features over there!

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    Wordpress is very SEO friendly, but you have to choose the right theme, seo depends on themes, plugins too..

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