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Thread: Storing Outgoing & Incoming Messages

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    Storing Outgoing & Incoming Messages

    Hi, my site sends out several (21 to be precise) different emails to its users, such as "Welcome to the site", "You have received a new PM", "Your email address has been updated", etc...

    All of these messages are saved in a email-out.php file.

    Question A: What is your view on moving and storing the emails in php syntax in the database so that i can edit the raw code from the admin section. I am thinking of leaving them in the email-out.php file as the content of the emails will not change that often, but would still like your input on the best practice / professional set up

    I also receive different incoming emails everyday from users and potential users asking questions and looking for general information. These emails come from different contact forms on the site.

    Question B: What is your view on storing all incomming emails that are sent from contact forms if the content is sanitised correctly, or should i just leave them in my inbox and manage them from there... like above, just looking for advise on the best practice / professional set up

    Thanks in advance...

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    A) it looks like you're trying to find more developing to do. I don't see any problem with this unless you're constantly editing these outgoing emails every day, even so... I don't see why an editor like nano over SSH would be inferior to an HTML based editing thing.

    B) I don't see any reason to do this, unless you intend in the future to have multiple people reading these incoming emails; in which case giving them full read access to your inbox might be an issue.
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    Cool, thanks, completely agree with you...

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