I am a network engineer trying to build an interface for displaying data from a server on a webpage. I am new to development and I think the problem I'm struggling with is probably an easy question for an experienced developer.

I have a server that accepts HTTP GET requests and returns an XML file. I need to make a script that pull data via HTTP GET request from a separate server, parse it and display it when a link is clicked on by a user.

I need to have someone be able to click on a link, and have it display on the next page, or on a popup or whatever the results of pulling an XML file from an "http://server.com/getdata.htm?thisdata". When it does this it will get an XML file that will say something like:
I need just the "15" to show up.

Bonus points to how I can change the color of the page or display a different icon depending on what the result is..

Any thought?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!