Hello everyone,

I am currently building a check-in system for the upcoming Las Vegas Microsoft SharePoint Conference and I am having an issue with a session that is created by microsoft.com. Here is what is happening.

Attendees should be able to approach a kiosk which prompts them to log in using their windows live id so that they can check into the conference. They are redirected from our domain to a windows live login using ACS. That works fine, however when a Microsoft employee attempts to log in they receive a message from the windows live log in page that says anyone with an @microsoft.com email address needs to log in using microsoft.com and redirects them to that domain. Again that works fine and they are able to check-in. However when they hit the microsoft site a session is created in the process and when the next attendee attempts to log in the session redirects them automatically to the microsoft.com log in page instead of the windows live log in page.

I have been trying to find a way to delete the sessions created by the microsoft.com domain from our domain however as you know I can't abandon sessions from another domain, I can only abandon the sessions created by our domain.

Can anyone suggest something I can do to abandon ALL sessions regardless of domain, or some other route I could use in order to clear the session created by the ms domain other than having someone hover over all 40+ kiosks closing and opening browsers as needed?

Also windows live will not allow you to access the log in page if cookies are disabled, so that route is also a bust.