My question is this:
How secure, in general, Joomla 2.5.7 is IF a Joomla admin took all the necessary measures to protect his site? After all, there's also a server where Joomla physically resides (ie. hosting). Well, my hosting is one of the best for Joomla, but still...God knows what happens behind the curtain.
To put it simple, without paying a hacker to try to break into the site, is there a way to make sure it's safe?
I'm not talking about FBI or some wunderkind hackers here (those would surely crack any site), I'm asking about an average hacker (though not just some kid who only pretends to know all about hacking).
I'm aware about cloud services like what Qualys and alike offer.
Last, but not least...I'm not asking general public about their personal opinions (they vary), but only those who knows the subject well enough.
P.S. Almost forgot...Hosting environment vs. self-hosting at home, security-wise?