Hi! I'm a visual/auditory/conceptual performance artist working on a flash site to display my portfolio. I've had this concept for a while, and I finally got around to building it in the last few weeks. Right now, the site just uses basic flash buttons with over states and actionscript links (www.bow-ty.com), but I want to integrate a lot of video into it. Here's an example of what I want to do: http://www.bow-ty.com/indextest.html

If you roll over the camera in the left corner, it activates a video with the over-state of a button within a movie clip button I programmed with actionscript, which then activates the rest of that movie clip on the MOUSE_DOWN function.

Here's the thing, I want to have about five different movie clip buttons like this in the scene, and the file is already 8 MB, which takes too long for most browsers to load. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can consolidate the file size, split up the scene so it doesn't have to load everything at once, etc.?

Would it work better if I were working in a different programming language?

Any ideas/leads would be helpful! Thank you!