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Thread: Can you jump to links /anchors on a different page with mobile phones?

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    Can you jump to links /anchors on a different page with mobile phones?

    I am new to all this programming stuff.
    I am adapting my website to make it responsive.

    In the desk top version I have a sub menu with links to anchors on a different page i.e.

    HTML Code:
    <li><a href="Free-studies-to-download.html#study-2">Accepted as you are</a></li>
    I am using a drop down menu for mobile phones up to 450px and have the following code in that menu;

    HTML Code:
    <option value="Free-studies-to-download.html#study-1">- Study - Accepted as you are</a></li>
    I have also tried without the </a></l> at the end.

    The links don't work. I am not sure if it is because the anchors have been removed or if I need to change the code.

    Can someone advise me on what i need to do to resolve this (if it can be resolved)?


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    As I have said in your different thread, it must be because of value names. Your mobile version of web page is like www.webpage/mobile/link_here.html or something like that I don't remember now.. So use the full url as value.
    HTML Code:
    <option value="http://www.yourpage.com/mobile/link.html">Link</option>
    or wherever your link is located on the server
    Hope it helps now

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    When developing multiple links on a page, it's suggested in many references to use an list for the menu structure as you would in normal html. When you place an anchor is added to the list structure, jquery mobile will automatically create a link button with the appropriate icon. Here is a sample code snippet:
    <ul data-rule="listview">
    <li><a href="#about>About Page"</a></li>  // link to subpage named of the document
    <li><a href="contact.html">Contact us</a></li>
    I hope this helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony webb View Post

    HTML Code:
    <li><a href="Free-studies-to-download.html#study-2">Accepted as you are</a></li>
    Your file name is "Free-studies-to-download.html#study-2" which is probably creating a problem. As far as I know it can be "Free-studies-to-download.html"

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