I am new to all this programming stuff.
I am adapting my website to make it responsive.

In the desk top version I have a sub menu with links to anchors on a different page i.e.

HTML Code:
<li><a href="Free-studies-to-download.html#study-2">Accepted as you are</a></li>
I am using a drop down menu for mobile phones up to 450px and have the following code in that menu;

HTML Code:
<option value="Free-studies-to-download.html#study-1">- Study - Accepted as you are</a></li>
I have also tried without the </a></l> at the end.

The links don't work. I am not sure if it is because the anchors have been removed or if I need to change the code.

Can someone advise me on what i need to do to resolve this (if it can be resolved)?