Hello all:
Bots have very recently begun relentlessly spamming my simple htmp form mail page. I'm getting over a hundred spammed submissions per day now, albeit with no e-mail addresses offered by such pesky spambots.

Use of CAPTCHA-like services for filtering purposes concerns me though, since I've seen them screen out my own legitimate submissions elsewhere in the past.

Is there any html coding I can use, though, to require the submission of an "@" containing e-mail address in a particular one of the form's individual boxes? I require an e-mail address for a submission and humans very seldom have a problem complying.

Any suggestions, please?

As a sidenote, if there's a way to make it so that the form won't erase all inserted contents if one mistakenly forgets to insert an "@" symbol, then that would help as well.

Thanks in advance :-)