Hello, I am struggling with this piece of code...
I just want to do a simple html post to PHP with jQuery

HTML Code:
<form id="login2" name="login" method="post" action="../Main/profile.php" enctype="multipart/form-data" >
	<h2>Login</h2> </br>
	<tr><td>Username: </td><td><input type="text" placeholder="Enter username" name="uUser"  id="uUser1" class="formInput"></input><td></tr>
	<tr><td>Password:  </td><td><input type="password" placeholder="Enter password" name="uPass" id="uPass1" class="formInput"></input><td></tr>
JQuery :
PHP Code:
if($uUser = isset($_POST['login2']))
"not set";
"not set" is displayed while I want $uUser to display

sorry my indentation is weird

Any help will be appreciated