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Thread: Create Custom Vector3 Variable

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    Question Create Custom Vector3 Variable

    Hey there fellow devs, im looking for some help if possible, at the moment I'm been ask to create a cube in opengl, which I have done, but now I need to make it in vertex, edge face structure, now I had my cube created by just createing a huge array with each vertex point, but how can I create a custom variable, like a custom struct in C++

    C++ code
    struct Vector3{
      float x, float y, float z
    does this work for JavaScript or is there a different way, cheers for the help


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    There are no classes/structs in JavaScript, but you can create something similar to classes. (Check out this article on the subject: http://www.phpied.com/3-ways-to-defi...ascript-class/)

    Basically, the easiest way to create your vector here would be something like this:
    var vector = {x:7, y:48, z:3.5};
    alert(vector.z); // 3.5!

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