I am building a website and I am wondering what I need to do to make a search bar. I have a solid understanding of html and CSS, but have not dealt with javascript or PHP before. I am coding my website offline with notepad++. I haven't purchased web hosting yet because I was planning on building my whole site and then putting online all at once instead of paying for web hosting before I really need it (I'm 15 so I don't have a ton of money). I am wondering if PHP/SQL is the right way of going about making a search bar and what a good tutorial is to learn it. My other question is does my website need to be online to use a search engine or can it work offline? (Each page is an html file and they are all in a folder.) I don't want to use google's search bar because I want all the results to be displayed on my page still, but I want it to work similar to google where you search by keywords and can restrict the search to things posted in the last month, things by a certain author, etc. Thanks in advance for the help. I'm not expecting to figure this out in 1 day, I'm willing to learn I'm just not sure exactly what I should be learning.