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Thread: Formatting FORMS with CSS

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    Formatting FORMS with CSS

    I did a quick search before I posted this, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

    I am trying to create a login page.

    I was wondering if it were possible to do the following

    1) use CSS and the <DIV> tag to set the location of the form (I can already do this).
    2 Use CSS to set the locations of the Username labels, Username textboxes, Password labels, and Password textboxes
    3) Use CSS to set the locations of the LOGIN button, and RESET button.

    I put this in the HEAD tag

    #LBL_USERNAME {position:absolute; TOP:560px; LEFT: 38%;}
    #TXT_USERNAME {position:absolute; TOP:560px; LEFT: 46%;}

    #LBL_PASSWORD {position:absolute; TOP:580px; LEFT: 38%;}
    #TXT_USERNAME {position:absolute; TOP:580px; LEFT: 46%;}

    #BTN_RESET {position:absolute; TOP:600px; LEFT: 38%;}
    #BTN_SUBMIT {position:absolute; TOP:600px; LEFT: 46%;}

    I tried using the ID method in the <LABEL> tags, and <INPUT> tags using ID="LBL_USERNAME", ID="TXT_USERNAME", ID="LBL_PASSWORD", ID="TXT_PASSWORD". ID="BTN_SUBMIT", and ID="BTN_RESET"
    I am very careful to match the uppercase letters, but it doesn't work.
    What am I doing wrong?
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