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Thread: New Google Tool for Webmasters - Disavow Links

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    New Google Tool for Webmasters - Disavow Links

    I found that Google introduced a new tool for Webmasters, "Disavow Links", that enables you to disavow links to your site. If you've been notified of a manual spam action based on "unnatural links" pointing to your site, this tool can help you address the issue. If you haven't gotten this notification, this tool generally isn't something you need to worry about."

    Google says its engineers have been beta testing the new feature for weeks now, although there have been rumors of the impending new addition for months. The tool is now live, and you can find it by logging into your Webmaster Tools account and navigating to https://www.google.com/webmasters/to...vow-links-main

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    I couldn't get your point, can you pls explain it

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    Google recently announced a new tool webmasters can use to fight spam or to clean up after a bad SEO campaign. It’s called the Disavow Link Tool.

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