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Thread: CSS - responsive web design

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    CSS - responsive web design

    Hey all,
    I have been researching the topic of responsive web design for quite sometime now. So, I decided to ask for help on here as I haven't had much luck yet when it comes to making my site responsive. I was just wondering is there a best practice of how you would go about doing this when you first start off with your html and css? I know this is a pretty general question, but I don't know where to get started with this. So any help would be very much appreciated on the topic. Again, sorry for the question on an endless topic, but do you guys have any thoughts on this i.e. is it best to do a liquid or static layout? Anything would be of help right now as whatever I work on right now never looks like I want it to.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'd take a look at websites designed for mobile phones there some of the best responsive websites out there. It always best when it comes to HCI to develop a website that suits the users need. I personally find looking at template websites and there code helps a great deal. Also the difference between static or liquid layout depends on the purpose of a website. You should also look into the graphics of a website they make or break the site no one wants to see a logo you made in MS Paint.

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