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Thread: [RESOLVED] adding extra value to text input array

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    resolved [RESOLVED] adding extra value to text input array

    I'm listing out a bunch of products from a database using a while loop and next to it I'm placing the quantity of products. I want to be able to update the quantity, so I've placed it inside of an input field. I've used an array for the input name so that i can grab all of the entries from the while loop. however i want to add more than just the quantity to the array entries.

    HTML Code:
    <input type="text" name="product[]" value="<?=$pro['product_quantity']?>" required>
    This will put the quantity into the array.

    What i want to do is that when the array is received via $_POST i want it to have the product id ( $pro['product_id'] ) followed by the quantity but i only want the value of the text input to show quantity. I can separate the id from the quantity later that's no problem
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