I have a problem with the XMLHTTPRequest object.

On the original webserver is a data server running where I can request data by the 'post' command.
Because this data server is running local on the original webserver it will work because it is the same domain.
So I can access the webserver with the data from outside of my network.

But this original webserver is really shi*%. It is slowly and have problems with pictures and and and...

So I installed a additional webserver on my router. But now I have a XMLHTTPRequest with cross domain.
So I can't get it working with all web browser.

I can't change anything on the original webserver because it is a embedded server.
I can't enable cross domain on the original webserver.

Is there a way to handle the http request step by step without using the XMLHTTPRequest object?
I want to send a XML-String to the data server and the response would be also a XML-string.

May by jQuery?

Somebody please help!