I was informed that I am using HTML5's section tag incorrectly. Can anyone show me the proper way to use HTML5's section tag?

    <div id="content-container">
     <div id="form">
	  <label class="block">
	     <input type="text" id="zip" class="normal" type="zip" autocomplete="on" value="zip code">
	  <button type="submit"  id="submit" value="CHECK NOW" title="check now">check now</button>
    </div><!-- end form -->
  	<img width="959" height="330" alt="clear form" src="img/widthHero.png"/>
   <div id="content">
   <section id="noInstall">
  	<a href="#"><img src="img/noInstall.png" alt="No Installation Appointments" title="No Installation Appointments" /></a>
  <section id="affordable">
  	<a href="#"><img src="img/affordablePlan.png" alt="Affordable Plans" title="Affordable Plans" /></a>
  <section id="tomorrow">
  	<a href="#"><img src="img/onlineTomorrow.png" alt="Get Online By Tomorrow" title="Get Online By Tomorrow" /></a>
  <section id="take-w-you">
  	<a href="#"><img src="img/takeInternet.png" alt="Take It With You Internet" title="Take It With You Internet" /></a>
  <section id="coverage">
  	<a href="#"><img src="img/cwCoverage.png" alt="City Wide Coverage" title="CityWide Coverage" /></a>
 </div><!-- end content-->