Hello Guys - I and We are hiring.

Firstly I am looking for Remote developers (who use Skype) with the following credentials.

1) Web Developer - HTML5 / CSS / PHP
2) App Developer - iOS / Android a + but visual design not important
3) Copywriter - To write words... simple!
4) Illustrator - Illustrate

These are all for ongoing up and coming jobs and to basically join my list of remote freelancers to use often.
A portfolio of at least 2 works is needed.

I too am a web developer, designer with many other credentials.
Work is flooding in, so I hope their are people out there.

In-House we are looking for the following

1) Web Developer - HTML5 / CSS / PHP (ASP a +)
2) Marketing Manager (Copywriting a +)

To work at www.webvisual.co.uk

Thank you for your time everybody.

My contact details are the following

steveroberts@live.com (yes I am using a live account and not my own, boo hoo!)
or contact me via skype on ' steverobertsco '