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Thread: JavaScript: Checkboxes. Help!

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    JavaScript: Checkboxes. Help!

    hi guys,

    help me with this one..

    I have a php code to loop a checkbox; 3 checkboxes.

    echo "<input type='checkbox' value='$id' id='check_$id' name='checkboxes'/>";

    <input type='checkbox' value='1' id='check_1' name='checkboxes'/>
    <input type='checkbox' value='2' id='check_2' name='checkboxes'/>
    <input type='checkbox' value='3' id='check_3' name='checkboxes'/>

    now, i want to create a javascript or jquery codes to get whether the checkboxes are checked using onlick function.

    maybe something like this.

    <a href="#" onclick="actionDelete()" />

    function actionDelete(){
    if(document.getElementsByName("checkboxes").checked == true){
    document.mainform.action = "include/db/delete/deleteSelected.php";
    alert("Please check some checkboxes for deleting");

    my form name is mainform.. if i use getElementById(), then i shud also create a for loop. but i dont want to create a for loop.

    i know its easy.. so help me... Beginner!

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    With jQuery you could do something like this to see if those three checkboxes are checked:
    if ($("[name=checkboxes]:checked", document.mainform).length == 3)
    Without jQuery you'd have to make a loop. ;)

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    jQuery makes it a lot easier. If you wanted to avoid "direct" loops you'd have to assign a class called, for example, "boxchecked" and do a getElementsByClassName().

    Go with refreezed example, it should work perfectly.

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