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Thread: beginner help with code

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    beginner help with code

    I have an assigment as follows:

    Create a webpage that will ask the user for a radius.

    That number will be use to find the area of a circle with that radius, and then continue to calculate the next 9 circles with radii incrementing by one unit each time, and display the results to the page.

    Then create a conditional statement that will limit the output to only even numbered radii.

    Then a conditional statement that will limit the output to only radii divisible by 3.

    And I have a code so far that looks like this:

    Radius:<input type="text" name="radius" value=1><br>
    <button type="button" onClick="calculate(radius.value)"> Get Next </button><br>
    function calculate(rad)
    for(var counter=0;counter<10;counter++)
    var pie = 3.14;
    document.write("(" + rad + "+" + counter + ")" + "*" + "(" + rad + "+" + counter + ")" + "*" + pie + "=");
    var area = ((parseInt(rad)+counter)*(parseFloat(rad)+counter))*(pie);
    document.write(area + "<br>");

    So far it's not working. I'm new to scripting, and I'm having trouble understanding what's wrong.

    Hoping someone could help out.


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    Do not use document.write which is made to write on the page during is opening but never when the document is closed (after the click, in your case).
    Insert a div with, for example, an id="rsp" and replace your document.write by a

    NB : See this page The <center> element is deprecated in HTML 4.01. Pi is given by Math.PI. Take care with radius.value and rad which are strings (counter+parseInt(rad) would be better)...

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