How does Google hide results in javascript?

I know that the content of a search engine is copyrighted. I am only interested in saving the results of a search in a more automated fashion for my own personal use.

Now, years ago, when the internet was young, a friend of mine and I used to discuss how a web site could hide it source from the browser. Let me explain. In Internet Explorer, one can easily find out how a web site's HTML code looks like by just going to the menu and clicking View->Source (the menu is still there, by the way, just like in the old days, you just need to hit the ALT key).

All of the source code, that is, all of the HTML code used to make a web page is right there for anyone to see. This is the spirit of the internet, as being all open and honest to the user. I guess they did this for anyone who was paranoid about subliminal advertising or hidden graphics so that THE MAN could not use is mind control... or whatever.

Well Google, it seems, has managed to hide how their content from people who take a peek at the HTML of a search ressults page. It seems to be nested deeply in the JAVASCRIPT.

So my question is this. Is there some why I can decode this with a little basic understanding of javascript, or is it lost forever?

When I open a browser; go to; search on "test string" I get my first page of results. Then if I click on the browser menu to save the source code as "data.html" and then open "data.html" inside the browser, it shows the google home page instead of the results page. How does google do this trick and how can I get the results page programatically.