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Thread: Does HTML in the title affect SEO?

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    Question Does HTML in the title affect SEO?

    I have attached a screen shot of the html code (<BR>) that shows up in my title bar on a few pages of my new site. Just wondering if this may affect SEO negatively? I am going to try to get it removed, but then I'm afraid it will disturb the spacing on other parts of my site... Any advice or in would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    The title attribute can be used to describe almost any HTML element. A beneficial way to use the title attribute for SEO purposes would be to use it in the link element to provide descriptive text within an anchor tag (which gives you more real estate for your targeted keyword phrases).

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    yes the title tag is very useful for HTML element as well as in SEO. Search engine always catch title tag first and then others tag

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    Title tags will plays important thing in seo..Title Tag will decided our complete business information..

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