I would like to be able to find a java application which can present the end user of a website with a means of checking whether their browser is certified as compatible to a web based programme according to pre-set criteria - for example a check which reports browser and version but will only accept
Up to date versions of Firefox and Chrome
plus a few others which may vary from time to time
The list of allowed versions would need to be easily editable
It would also need to check
1) Session cookies are allowed
2) Pop ups are allowed

There are more things that we would like to add but the principle would be a set of criteria which the browser passes or fails and where settings fail present instructions for the end user to change the settings for the browser they are identified as using

Flexibility is the key as the software manufacturer change the requirments from time to time but only provide a text version of requirments and most users havent got a clue which browsser they use never mind versions or how to apply settings

I am hoping someone has already developed something like this as I do not have any skills in java