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Thread: different stages of SEO jobs

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    different stages of SEO jobs

    What are the possibilities of being a SEO.What are the different stages of SEO jobs?

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    I tend to think it breaks up like this:

    - Organic (someone who specializes in optimizing your webpages for certain keywords)
    - Inorganic (paid search - someone who runs a campaign through a search engine and pays money for each click generated)
    - Social (someone who runs the social side of the business using keywords in Facebook, Twitter, Google++, etc.)
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    Good answer cbVision. Andy did that answer your question. Are you trying to enter SEO field or want to know how to optimized your site(s)?

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    There are 3 stages for SEO job.
    1. Analyze the website, and make the website search engine friendly. means On-site Optimization.
    2. Link- building. It helps to achieve the higher ranking in search engines.
    3. Verify the results, and do more submissions for competitive keywords, and maintain the top Position once it achieved.

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