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Thread: Soon to be student in of majors and salesman

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    Soon to be student in of majors and salesman

    Ok, so honestly first off, im posting in javascript because there are 800ish people viewing whil the other areas have very very few in comparison. I have 3 days to decide my major.

    Oh and hi guys.

    My question is with so many schools of IT and Web Design. i have NO idea where to start. basically my end goal when i get out of school is to have started and someday finish building my own internet company. I would like to compete with iBuyPower.com and Origins gaming pc builders. Where in the world do i want to start to find the knowledge needed to know exactly how to build and maintain a company website?

    thank you guys in advance. sorry if i didndt do the whole question right i havnt spent much if barely any time in forums and such

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    Well, your question has nothing to do with JavaScript so it's in the wrong forum... but you already knew that. :S

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    thawed trollface

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