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Thread: reload javascript on IE9

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    reload javascript on IE9

    Using IE9.

    In the JSP page, I added <script type="text/javascript" src="test/scripts/test.js" ></script>

    The file test.js contains a simple function test(){alert("loaded");} to open the alert window.

    Next I created a button named Launch to call this function. When clicked the button, just as expected, the popup window opened and displayed the word: loaded. So far so good.

    Then I went to the browser's URL address box on top and launched a new page, such as www.google.com. Once this page is loaded, I clicked the browser's BACK button to came back to my original page.

    Once my page was loaded, I clicked the Launch button. This time, the function test(){alert("loaded");} never got executed.

    When so?

    (It seems that when the BACK button brought back the original page, the <script type="text/javascript" src="test/scripts/test.js" ></script> is either not execute or the test/scripts/test.js is not loaded. However the same codes worked well on Firefox).
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