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Thread: File Storage on Server

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    File Storage on Server

    Hi, been a while since here.

    I need to be able to upload zipped files to my server while I'm on the road.

    These will primarily be Photoshop PSD files, inside a folder which is then zipped on my netbook and stored on the server. I will not be unzipping them on the server, just storing them for later.

    I would assume that it would be similar to an image upload (which I can do), are zipped files treated differently?

    This would need to be a Perl script and I will be running it from within a protected admin area and storing the files in the area also.

    Any ideas - thanks in advance.

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    If u can make a FTP server file and u can save zipped folders into there and any other computer that is on your server will be able to access it if thats wat u are after

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    I've used my default image upload and did some tests. It appears to work okay. Filesize was 2.05mb. It unpacked fine and Photoshop could run the file with no problem.

    Having not done this before, I thought there may be a problem, but a binary file is a binary file and it doesn't appear to care what kind of file extension is used.

    Just wanted to check if there might be any trouble before trying it out.


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