This is the site:

user: pass: 123456789

I cant login. I read somewhere that I have an empty array, but dont know where.

Login Page:

require('config.php');//for db connectivity
$message= $_GET['message'];
//hey file, look at url, is there a var called 'message'? if yes, grab it.
if (!isset($_SESSION)){
	//if session hasnt started-start one.
	//if we are already in session-resume it.
}//end if

if (isset($_POST['user_email'])) {
	//was the form submitted? time to process!
	//grab what the user filled in the boxes
mysql_select_db($database, $makeconnection);
//establish connection with db

$Login_query="Select user_email, user_password 
From user_tbl
Where user_email='$user_email'
AND user_password='$user_password'";
//bring me email+password of any row that matches this email+password. we expect 0 rows or 1

$LoginRS = mysql_query($Login_query, $makeconnection);
//press send

$loginFoundUser = mysql_num_rows($LoginRS);
//count the rows found

if ($loginFoundUser>0){
	//was a match found? at least 1? GOOOD! let him in.
$_SESSION['session_user_email'] = $user_email;
$_SESSION['session_user_password'] = $user_password;
//into the sessin array, push his email+password
$_SESSION['session_start'] = time();
//push into the array the time logged in.
header("Location: free-trial.php");
//take user to the restricted page
	header("Location: login.php?message=loginfailed");
	//reload this page with error message
}//end of else
}//end of isset post email
Free-Trail Page (this is where user should go after login)

session_start(); print_r($_SESSION); 
$now=time();//grab the time now
//if (!isset($_SESSION)) {
	session_start();//start a session or resume one.
if (!isset($_SESSION['session_user_email']) || 
$now - $_SESSION['session_start']>60*60){	//if there isnt in the session an item called 'session_user_email' that means the user didnt come from login. OR if the login time is older than _______
////////// code for setting a timeout in session //////////
////	if (!isset($_SESSION['session_user_email']) || ////
//// $now - $_SESSION['session_start']>30){ ///////////////
////////// code for setting a timeout in session //////////
	//kick them out of here, send to login
	exit;//stop rendering this page
}//end of if
I added ---->> session_start(); print_r($_SESSION); to see what the problem was, but I'm confused... I don't understand where the problem is. Need help.