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Thread: Audio streaming

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    Audio streaming

    I'm trying to add Real audio streaming to the web, at
    http://www.abj.btinternet.co.uk , and keep running into problems.

    * Created the RealAudio .rm OK using the free RealProducer (Helix).

    * Added this .rm file ('sound.rm') to a new folder in the main directory named 'rmfiles'. Uploaded to server.

    * In Notepad, typed http://www.abj.btinternet.co.uk/rmfiles/sound.rm
    and saved as 'sound.ram'. Added this to the main directory.

    * In the HTML of the homepage, added the following link:
    <a href="sound.ram">Listen to this</a>.

    Problem is, when I click on this link after uploading I get the error message:
    'Unable to establish a connection with the server:

    Now, although my web host has said that they don't 'support' .rm files, I thought this was an easy get-around which would work on any server?

    Or am I doing something wrong somewhere along the line?


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    As far as I'm aware, your server needs to be specifically configured to support streaming media, and as your host says they don't support it, they probably don't. (Especially since it's BT).

    There could be a workaround I'm not aware of, however.


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