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Thread: Using Jquery/javascript plugins from other websites

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    Using Jquery/javascript plugins from other websites

    Got a quick question. On http://www.sliderwall.com/ you can download a free sample which you can only use on your non-commercial website. I downloaded the code, and got it to work. I want to implement this on my commercial website. To use this, you actually have to pay $20,- dollars for a "license".

    My question is: do I really have to take it serious? I modified the whole script, I only used a couple functions out of the whole plugin. Am I still forced to buy a license or can I just use the modified script onto my commercial website?

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    How much, and what exactly did you use? How much did you modify the code? I'd say this is a rather complicated question about copyright and such... The people who made sliderwall probably wants you to pay for a license even if you're only using a small modified part of their script, but who knows where the line between ok and not ok goes when it comes to javascript code... *shrugs*

    A question to think about since you do have a commercial website: exactly how serious are you?

    (Also, sorry I can't really give you any good answer in this matter. Complicated stuff, really.)

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